Future Fuels in the Energy Ecosystem

Getting full insight into the future fuel landscape

Understand the present and future energy landscape to take the best decisions for your energy mix.

Future Fuels

Imagine the vehicle in 2050: do you expect the tank being filled with e-fuel, hydrogen, or electrons? All these options provide zero CO2 pathways and building on today’s knowledge and depending on the scenario, all of them can be available at similar cost and quantity.

With AVL Future Fuels consulting we help you make sense of this rapidly changing landscape and to make your reasonable choices. We support you with our comprehensive knowledge in all energy pathways and latest regulatory development.

The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. Adaptations in emission legislation to tackle climate change, combined with market demands and fuel market volatility are driving both innovation and uncertainty.

Key Questions arise:

  • Which energy sources will be available in future?
  • What is the best roadmap to update your portfolio?
  • What is the optimal technology mix for global and local products
  • What will be the impact of your energy-related emissions on your customer’s perception?
  • What kind of investment will you need to take in your infrastructure, and in which areas?
Considering All Options
Analysis of Future Fuel Options
  • Global emission reduction strategies and local energy roadmaps
  • Analysis of market trends, and their application in strategies and technology
  • Identification and simulation of possible future scenarios and their impact on emissions, CO2 as well as investment and operating costs

Getting full understanding of the future fuel landscape

Complete Picture

We provide a complete and objective picture of existing and potential global energy and fuel scenarios.


We support you in gaining confidence by using latest insights on technology developments of vehicle powertrains and energy conversion.

Independent Recommendations

You can get independent recommendations for qualified and balanced solution packages at the intersection of energy and mobility.

Study Related to a Future Fuel Landscape

The study is analyzing the available alternative fuels, their pros and cons as well as the potential suppliers of these fuels. We deliver a report containing the available alternative fuels including a contact list of suppliers.

Technical Trends for Future Fuels

The trend analysis delivers the directions, opinions and roadmaps regarding future fuels on global and regional level. Furthermore, it analyzes key technical trends in production, production upscaling and the use of future.

Future Fuel testing and Testing Methods

We carry out testing and apply comprehensive testing methods for the evaluation of future fuels. The validation of the future fuels towards compatibility of mechanical and EAT systems is considered.

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