Function- and System-Based Vehicle Development

Laying the Groundwork Early

For a successful start of  production. At AVL we have in-depth understanding of product-defining components and systems. This is one of the reasons why our strengths include coordinating complete vehicle functions and goals in an ideal way, while also incorporating the optimum technologies.

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These days, vehicle development focusses less on the individual components and more on their function in the overall system. 

At AVL we have in-depth understanding of product-defining components and systems. This is one of the reasons why our strengths include coordinating complete vehicle functions and goals in an ideal way, while also incorporating the optimum technologies.

We lay the right foundations early on: We define and describe the product precisely, and carry out meaningful feasibility studies for you. We also plan all functions and their integration into the vehicle, giving you the perfect conditions for a successful start to production – be it for cars, trucks, buses, or tractors.

Increasing cost pressure is one of the biggest market challenges in all drive technologies. This requires a platform approach.

VSM Chassis Control

Modularity Is the Top Priority

The key to vehicle development is producing as many different vehicles as possible from as many identical parts as possible. This is to be accomplished by the functions rather than by the built-in components.

Automated Driving 

In software-defined vehicles, the proportion of software is high and development cycles are becoming ever shorter. Frontloading in development is crucial here.

Efficient, Sustainable Overall System

In addition to energy efficiency and environmental impact, automobile manufacturers and suppliers must also keep track of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Environmental Footprint vs. Greenwashing

In order to credibly distance oneself from greenwashing, it is necessary to assess not only the production of a vehicle, but also its entire life cycle – i.e. from the provision of raw materials to actual disposal.

BEV Propulsion System in AVL Sedan - Top View

We have in-depth, detailed understanding of components and systems, and always think about the bigger picture. All relevant content is defined and coordinated as early as possible, to enable you to react flexibly at all times in later process phases.

We take care of the definition and design of the basic construction of your vehicle at all levels. This includes the geometry of the components, the layout of the passenger compartment, the usability of trunks, and the electrical architecture. In addition, we guarantee optimal evaluation and corresponding implementation of vehicle derivatives with different drive solutions.
Our intensive benchmarking, including an extensive database, gives you an optimal overview of the market. You always know exactly where the market is going and can make decisions systematically – globally and at country level.

With us you develop vehicle architectures that enable you to meet the challenges of the market, achieve your goals, and inspire end users.

Optimal Cost-Benefit Ratio

Our solutions are characterized by an excellent cost-benefit ratio. You benefit from our above-average technological expertise and the highest quality.

State of the Art

Our products are always at the cutting edge of technology and are often even leaders in their field. This is of particular benefit to you with ADAS and AD.

Maximum Versatility

Our platform approaches enable you to create numerous vehicle variants from many identical parts.

Maximum Efficiency

You get everything from a single source – including testing. This has a positive impact – on product costs and on all aspects of later component use (energy costs, repairs, maintenance).

Predictive Concepts

Our special vehicle concepts enable you to make informed decisions early on.

Feasibility Studies

These studies show you whether you need to source additional components from the supplier, or whether follow-up developments are necessary.

Complete Integration Projects

We help you bring your vehicle to series production – perfectly aligned with all functions and goals. 

Innovative Vehicle Functions

By making clever use of various innovative vehicle functions, we increase the benefits for the end user.

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The Right Methodology for Every Need

We combine well-established and modern methods for systematic processing. This allows us to guarantee traceability and high quality with low risk. We are happy to offer you relevant training as part of our consulting services.

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VSM Chassis Control
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Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of function and system based vehicle development.

Zalazone Opening
Press Release
AVL Opens New Vehicle Engineering Center With Direct Access to Proving Ground

With the new vehicle engineering center, AVL established a unique engineering facility to test conventional and future vehicles in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

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