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Calibration services that ensure compliance with international quality and reliability standards.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Calibration Services

The evaluation of measurement results is both challenging and critical during development processes in the automotive industry. It is essential to perform correct calibration of measuring instruments on a regular basis so that, in addition to obtaining calibration results, the technical competence and credibility of the laboratories is guaranteed. This can be a complicated task considering the strict quality requirements of the industry and the complexity of assessing the measurement uncertainty of the equipment.


Accredited Calibrations under ISO/IEC 17025

AVL Iberica's ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration service can help you overcome these challenges. Our accredited calibration offer guarantees you the quality and reliability of calibrations. These factors play a decisive role in ensuring the accuracy of measurement results and are essential in the development and certification of both powertrains and vehicles.

AVL Iberica's range of calibration services is extensive and covers both on-site and factory calibration services, thus facilitating calibrations according to the needs of each equipment and/or system.


Scope of our on-site calibration services

  • Relative and absolute pressure transducers
  • Volumetric, mass and Venturi gas flowmeters
  • RTD/TP-K temperature measurement channels
  • Temperature sensors

The details of our local scope are specified in technical annex 275/LC10.240 and are endorsed by the national accreditation body ENAC, which has extensive recognition in more than 100 countries and is a member of the international agreement ILAC.


Scope of our factory calibration services

AVL globally offers factory calibration services that allow us to increase the range of our accredited services. Detailed information can be found in Calibration Services Overview accessible above.



  • Ensures that your equipment calibrations comply with international quality standards.
  • Facilitates audits and homologation processes.
  • Ensures metrological traceability of your equipment.
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