How does it work?

As you interact online with AVL and you try to access restricted information, you will be required to login with your account, and may be required to provide an additional 2nd-step authentication code. The 2nd-step authentication code will be available to you via your registered email address or via an authenticator app on your mobile phone, provided you register it to AVL.


Why is 2-Step Authentication needed?

For AVL, information security is of utmost importance. Therefore, AVL uses state-of-the-art security technologies to guarantee that only approved users will have access to restricted information. With 2-Step Authentication, AVL is able to add an extra layer of information security, in a way that is convenient for users.


How can I set-up 2-Step Authentication via my mobile app?

In order to use 2-Step Authentication via your mobile app, you have to:

  1. Download an Authenticator App 
  2. Pair your Authenticator App to AVL - There are 2 ways you can pair your app to AVL:
  • You can log-in to > My AVL > My Data > My 2-Step Authentication, to enable/edit your 2-Step Authentication settings and pair your app
  • You will be prompted to (optionally) pair your app the next time you try to log-in to a restricted site in AVL’s online channels

Need help logging-in to your account?

See the AVL Login Support Page

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