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AVL Joins HZwo Innovation Cluster to Drive New Mobility Technologies

Close alliance between academic research and industry for an accelerated energy transition in Saxony, Germany


AVL List GmbH becomes a member of the innovation cluster HZwo for fuel cells and hydrogen in Saxony, Germany, to jointly shape the technological future for green and sustainable mobility.


Chemnitz, Germany, May, 2022: Hydrogen plays a major role in the energy transition across applications and sectors. To advance on AVLs path towards greener mobility solutions, the company has joined the innovation cluster HZwo, Saxony`s competence center for fuel cells and green hydrogen. “The strategic direction of the HZwo e.V. is a perfect match for our hydrogen mission at AVL. If we want to make a sustainable impact we have to collaborate across borders and industries.” says Helmut Iancu, Global Business Segment Manager Fuel Cell at AVL.

In January 2022, the free state of Saxony has laid the foundation for a climate-neutral future in a comprehensive strategy paper. The development of a green hydrogen economy is one core pillar to establish a sustainable and climate-friendly industry, mobility, heat, and energy supply. The HZwo network association aims to support the defined objectives by promoting the cooperation of academic research and businesses to increase their innovation power.

“With the membership of AVL, HZwo gets a renowned innovation partner beyond national borders and thus strengthens the European network of the cluster”, explains Karl Lötsch, managing director of HZwo. AVL as an innovation leader in the automotive industry contributes its many years of experience in engineering, simulation and testing of fuel cell technologies. The focus lies in R&D of new products and validation processes together with universities and research institutions. The membership is of strategic importance for AVL having the energy transition and the associated innovation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as the common goal.


About HZwo

The innovation cluster is Saxony's competence center for everything to do with fuel cells and green hydrogen and oversees a comprehensive value-added network in Saxony. HZwo gives the players involved early access to future sales markets and thus a technological advantage in order to secure Saxony's future as a high-tech location in the long term.

In addition to the classic sub-areas of powertrain production, such as transmissions and compressors, fuel cell vehicles also offer market potential for companies in other Saxon branches of industry.

The results generated from the projects contribute to the bundling of knowledge and skills in Saxony in the field of fuel cell technology and is intended to develop a new branch of industry in Saxony.

Saxon key competences in the fields of mobility, life science, mechanical engineering, microelectronics/ICT, as well as environmental and energy technology are strengthened directly or indirectly.

The production of fuel cells, from the selection of materials to distribution, should take place with due regard for resource-saving, ecologically and economically sustainable management.

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Markus Tomaschitz, Company Spokesperson AVL

Tel +43 664 100 0289


With more than 11,200 employees, AVL is one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and beyond. Drawing on its pioneering spirit, the company provides concepts, solutions and methodologies for a greener, safer and better world of mobility.

From ideation phase to serial production, the company covers vehicle architectures and platform solutions including the impact of new propulsion systems and energy carriers. As a global technology provider, AVL’s offerings range from simulation, virtualization and test automation for product development to ADAS/AD and vehicle software. The company combines state-of-the-art and highly scalable IT, software and technology solutions with its application know-how, thereby offering customers extensive tools in areas such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity or Embedded Systems.

AVL's passion is innovation. Together with an international network of experts at more than 90 locations and with 45 Tech and Engineering Centers worldwide, AVL is supporting customers in their mobility ambitions. In 2022, the company generated a turnover of 1.86 billion Euros, of which 11 % are invested in R&D activities to ensure continuous innovation.

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Markus Tomaschitz, Company Spokesman

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