AVL Dynamic Torque Transducer

Reliable and future-proof e-motor testing

Unleash the full power of dynamic measurements. Accurately determine torque ripples, differentiate
between torsional oscillations and vibrations – repeatable and reproducible.


Electrification is the future – and the development of electric motors is accelerating rapidly. That's why electric motors are getting smaller and the development phase is becoming more challenging. In particular, the speed of rotation is being increased, but the power or performance should at least remain at the same level. Therefore, the faster the electric motor rotates, the more important it becomes to reveal technical phenomena that have not been seen before. The AVL Dynamic Torque Transducer is ready to measure highly dynamic behavior independent of speed and give you a clear picture of your unique electric motor.

Short development times for new electric motors are crucial. Since time is limited, it is essential to avoid mistakes that would prolong the development phase. We offer a solution that helps our customers to:

  • Clearly differentiate between torsional oscillations and vibrations.
  • Fully rely on your measurement results.
  • Reliably achieve repeatable and reproducible measurement results.
  • Constantly improve your simulation results.
  • Actually optimize the inverter’s strategy.
Torque Ripple

Reliable torque ripple determination of up to 25 kHz.

Cogging Torque

Accurate measurement of cogging torque according to ISO21782-3 without replacing or recalibrating the measurement equipment.


Improved simulation results due to measurement results in Newton and Newtonmeter.

Lateral Forces

The measurement of lateral forces allow a clear differentiation between torsional oscillations and vibrations.

The measurement technique is based on the piezoelectric effect, which gives you several advantages such as maximum stiffness, high bandwidth measurement and the fact, that only one transducer covers the entire measurement range without recalibration. The measurement chain consists of the Dynamic Torque Transducer, AVL X-ion™ and AVL IndiCom™ Dynamic Torque Toolbox – this combination utilizes the full potential for your e-motor testing.

Operating principle Piezoelectric, charge output
Torque output Mz
Force output Fx, Fy
Dynamic torque range +/- 3,500 Nm
Sensitivity (nominal) 37 pC/Nm
Accuracy < 0.5 % FSO
Dynamic later force range +/- 18 kN
Operating temperature (non-condensing) -45°C to 150°C
Max. weight unit under test 100 kg
Stiffness 500,000 kNm/rad
Plug & Play

Plug & Play allows an easy integration and re-installation on another AVL e-motor testbed.

One-stop Shop

The entire measurement chain out of one hand ensures compatibility over the complete product lifecycle.


State-of-the-art Measurement Technology

The unique measurement technology empowers the development to be one step ahead of competition.

Ease of Use

The intuitive user interface of IndiCom (Dynamic Torque Toolbox) allows a straightforward interpretation of the
measurement results.

Clear Differentiation Between Torsional Oscillations and Vibrations

By clearly differentiating these two phenomena the efficiency during the development phase is increased.

Rely on Your Measurement Results

Since the Dynamic Torque Transducer is always installed at the same position on the testbed, you can trust the collected measurement data.

Repeatable and Reproducible

The combination of the fixed installation position and the outstanding accuracy ensure not only repeatable, but also reproducible measurement results during the development phase.

Measurement Results in Newton and Newton-Meter

Receiving the measurement results in N and Nm improves the simulation as the intermediate calculation from acceleration data (mm/s²) is not required anymore.

picture of mario propst

With the Dynamic Torque Transducer you can see all forces and moments of dynamic processes of an electric motor – for optimization, durability, and production assurance.”

– Mario Propst, Principal System Line Manager, AVL List GmbH

AVL E-Mobility Testing Solutions – Brochure

Tested and Trusted.

AVL Dynamic Torque Analysis – Solution Sheet

Future-proof and reliable e-motor testing.

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