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The AVL X-ion™ e-Power power analyzer is a modular data acquisition platform that is optimized for electric and hybrid applications. It provides you the best flexibility and automotive-inspired testing functionality for the development of electrified powertrains.

The electrification of mobility is experiencing significant growth, enabled by improvements in the efficiency of drivetrains that increase vehicle range and performance. E-motors, inverters, and complete drivetrains need to be tested, analyzed, calibrated, and subsequently optimized to push their performance to the limits of what is technically possible.

  • In-depth analysis of electric drivetrain and power electronic components such as e-motors, inverters, and dc/dc converters
  • Testing and optimization of complete e-drives on testbeds
  • In-vehicle testing for energy flow analysis under varying climatic situations on the dyno and on the road
X-ion E-P Power
Energy Flow Measurement

Testing on-road and on-dyno with high number of channels for full system analysis.

Dynamic Testing

Power calculation down to a single cycle for best dynamic analysis of transient changes. 

Rotor Position Flexibility

Interfacing with different types of rotor position sensors for rotor-dependent results.

Hybrid Testing 

Modular layout enables hybrid testing of NVH or indicating with a synchronized time base. 

Raw Data Recording

Streaming and recording of signal and result data for seamless analysis of each test run. 

HiL Optimization 

Real-Time output for optimization of e-drives in a hardware in the loop setup. 

How Does it Work?

The AVL X-ion e-Power front end modules (X-FEMs) filter and sample electrical voltages and currents at high speed (2 MS/s) and with high resolution (18-bit). Digital filtering is performed in the X-FEM with result processing being conducted in the X-ion base unit. The result data and optional raw data are streamed to the AVL IndiCom™ PC software for storage and display. The software offers a wide range of options for post-processing and interfacing to automation and application systems. 
Alternatively, results can be output from the X-ion directly to CAN or EtherCAT for use in application systems.

Technical Data Unit

# of front analog input channels

Up to 16 signal channels / 8 power channels per system 
Cascading of systems for higher channel count
Data acquisition rate and resolution per channel 2 MS/s @ 18 bit
Input voltage range ± 60 V, ± 10 V, ± 1 V
± 1,500 V with AVL HVP-Box
± 1 A current input 
± 2,000 A with CT and CTS-Box
Digital I / O channels for
speed, torque, etc.
8x TTL level, 2x RS422, 12x RS422 input (option)
9x LVDS, 2x CAN, EtherCAT (option), XCP
Ambient operating
-40 …+60 °C at relative humidity 10 …75 % (non-condensing)


X-ion V7

AVL X-ion e-Power is the solution for the testing of state-of-the-art drivetrains. 


The X-ion base unit enables configuration with a wide range of X-FEMs to attain the best flexibility: from e-power to hybrid testing and combined with indicating or NVH.


Thanks to its automotive background, the X-ion base unit can provide a wide range of interfaces from TTL and LVDS level inputs to bidirectional CAN, CAN-FD and EtherCAT outputs to application systems. 

Dynamic Speed Performance

The real-time calculation possibilities with the high-performance base unit offer dynamic calculations down to the single electrical cycle.

E-Drive Targeted

Rotor-dependent results from incremental encoders and resolvers, and sine/cosine position sensors for optimization of complete drivetrains. 


All X-ion base unit variants can be cascaded to achieve high channel counts. This is especially important in the analysis of complete vehicle setups, fuel cell systems, and large phase-counts. 

Versatility and Consistency

One system covers all use-power measurement cases. Fully synchronized testing of hybrid powertrains with indicating, electrical power, or NVH in the test setup.

Testing and Optimization

Testing and optimization of 3 phase and 6 phase e-motors and inverters. Supported by real-time processing on the AVL X-ion hardware and based on individual cycles or user-definable moving averaging windows. 

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