Visiolution with AVL X-ion™

Efficient and clean combustion

Visualize the combustion process with our optical measurement equipment integrated into the AVL X-ion data acquisition platform

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In the past, conventional and optical combustion analysis were carried out separately with the associated workload, time required, and costs. Now there is AVL X-ion™, our innovative AVL data acquisition system that brings together both tasks into a single solution.

Featuring high-precision photodiodes, AVL X-ion can manage up to 32 light-signals per base unit. This enables the use of Visio spark plugs for the local analysis of in-cylinder combustion events.

The modular data acquisition platform with X-FEM Visio modules can be used for knock, pre-ignition and particle source analysis. The high sensitivity combined with the high dynamic range of the photodiodes enables the measurement of a range of flame phenomena in spark ignited engines. 

Ever more stringent emissions targets force the automotive industry into using increasingly complex combustion technology: The combination of electrification and advanced combustion solutions provides the key elements of clean and efficient propulsion. As this increase in complexity results in increased effort in powertrain development, robust and thorough analysis methods become mandatory.

With these challenges in mind, AVL has developed AVL X-ion, the new high-speed data acquisition platform dedicated to powertrain development. AVL X-ion is a modular acquisition system that can be easily adapted to different units under test and test environments. It combines AVL’s know-how and expertise in several application areas, namely indicating, optical combustion analysis, NVH and e-power analysis.

Combustion Analysis

A Unique Optical Combustion Analysis Solution

The data collected is analyzed in the AVL IndiCom 2™ software with specific Visio application packages, along with cylinder pressure data. Combined with real-time calculations and trigger data, the platform provides a detailed understanding of dynamic combustion scenarios.

X-ion enables crank angle-based in-cylinder flame radiation measurement. This facilitates the identification of soot particle formation in both stationary and transient engine states.

Sporadic or irregular self-ignition events are detected and localized by combining X-ion’s cylinder pressure with flame detection routines. With such an array of features, X-ion is a powerful and versatile powertrain development tool. 


Can host up to up to eight single-slot or four double-slot X-FEM


Power consumption (typical)

9 W

Power supply

Via X-ion base unit

# channels


# free X-ion slots required


Operating temperature

– 30…+ 60 °C

Sampling rate

500 kHz

PHOTODIODE Broadband UV to IR 200 nm to 1,100 nm


AVL X-ion
Analysis of Combustion Scenarios

The platform AVL X-ion in combination with real-time calculations and trigger data provides detailed understanding of dynamic combustion. 

Visualisation of Flame Phenomena

The system’s high sensitivity in combination with a high dynamic range of the photodiodes allows the measurement of varied flame phenomena in spark ignited engines. 

Identification of Soot Particle Formation

With crank angle-based in-cylinder flame radiation measurement, AVL X-ion enables the identification of soot particle formation in stationary and transient engine states. 


The X-FEM VISIO V8X2 is an eight-channel optoelectronic photodiode signal converter module for test bed and in-vehicle operation.

High-Precision Photodiodes

High-precision photodiodes combined with 24-bit ADC provide high signal quality and can manage 32 light-signals per base unit. In-cylinder combustion events can be analyzed using Visio spark plugs.

80 Channel System

Up to ten modules can be combined to an 80-channel system for knock, pre-ignition and particulate emissions applications. It is the ideal solution for the optical measurement of any highly dynamic phenomenon on gasoline engines.

VISIO Application Software

Software packages are available for the flame propagation, knock analysis, particle analysis and pre-ignition VISIO applications. The software is used in combination with a Visio spark plug sensor with up to 8, 40 channels or 80 channels.

AVL VisioScope

VisioScope makes optical recordings of the level of carbonization, fuel injection, soot formation and temperature distribution. This is achieved with an endoscope and camera.

VISIO Service

AVL not only sells products from the Visiolution product line, we also offer measurement services and data evaluation for AVL optical measurement equipment.

Solution Sheet X-FEM Visio

Solution Sheet AVL X-ion Front-End Module X-FEM Visio

Particle Sources in Drive Tests

Download Application Paper Particle Sources in Drive Tests

Particle Sources in High Resolution

Download Application Paper Particle Source in High Resolution

Catalyst Thermoshock

Download Application Paper Catalyst Thermoshock

Flame Analysis

Download Application Paper Flame Analysis Supports Combustion System Development

Developing GDI Engines

Download Application Paper Developing GDI Engines

Irregular Combustion Events RDE

Download Application Paper Irregular Combustion Events in RDE Test

White Paper Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Powertrain Diagnostics in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Measurement Technologies
Advanced Measurement Technologies

Complete measurement solutions – from combustion to consumption and e-power

Indicom Phasemultimotor
AVL IndiCom 2

AVL IndiCom™ is a comprehensive software platform for data acquisition and signal processing tailored for mobility and energy sectors. The applications are e-power, combustion, EIS, or NVH analysis.

Hybrid Powertrain Diagnostics – From Modules to Powertrains to Vehicles

WEBINAR - The core of our solution to handle module tests as well as the analysis of entire powertrains in a lab, on test beds, chassis dynos and even on the road, is a diagnostics platform system: small, dedicated sensor – recorder units combine into multichannel recorders and data interfaces.

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