Unleashed SiC Power in a new Dimension.

Battery tester and emulator for research and development, testing, and validation.

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The increasing demand for electric powertrains requires flexible and future-proof equipment for various test and emulation activities. Our latest innovation, the AVL E-STORAGE SiC™, represents a giant step forward into a new dimension of testing. It can be adapted to test both batteries and electric powertrains, ensuring a high level of reliability in powertrain systems. Its small footprint makes it suitable for various testbed upgrade scenarios as well as all electrification applications in the field of battery and fuel cell testing/emulation. The new E-STORAGE SiC™ also helps future-proof your processes and has the potential to minimize resource consumption.

  • Bridging the gap between unlimited testing capability, achieving good quality, and managing test bed utilization is crucial in today’s electrification business. 
  • The rise time of the DC supply makes a huge difference to the empirical realism of the applied tests and transmitted electrical charge, particularly in the case of highly dynamic pulse profiles. 
  • The power density of electrical components used in powertrains is continuously increasing and electric vehicles are becoming more and more powerful.
  • When measuring the signal generated by the UUT alone, the residual output ripple of the DC supply must be low to ensure that the DC supply does not influence the measurement. This can be achieved using SiC technology.
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Replication of Highly Dynamic Profiles

With a current rise time below 1ms, the device is able to replicate highly dynamic and accurate load profiles.

Replication of High Current Profiles

For configurations with parallelized output channels, current rise time remains unchanged, allowing replication of high current and dynamic load profiles.

Low Noise Output Voltage

Utilizing 1,700V technology enables us to reduce the number of power stacks and hence also the output ripple enabling accurate test profiles.

More Power on Demand

Acceleration tests sometimes require more than nominal power. AVL E-STORAGE SiC offers a power overload function to cover this as well.

Different UUTs with different demands

Different UUTs may need different maximum power levels. Power sharing across channels makes the test bed future-proof and flexible.



Utilizing Silicon Carbide Technology to Your Needs

AVL E-STORAGE SiC is the first series production device on the market to employ 1,700 V Silicon-Carbide (SiC) technology. The multi-channel system enables you to run two different UUT at the same time on one device, at up to 1,200 V and 1,000 A per channel. The device can detect which kind of test bed it is connected to. Based on this, it loads the optimized control parameters to guarantee the best test performance. You can easily switch the device between different test beds. This helps you utilize the entire test field, while lowering the testbed downtime. 

Technical Data Unit

Max. DC output voltage

1,200 V
Max. DC output current ±1,000 A per channel
AC voltage (standard) 3×380 V to 3×480 V ±10 % 3×690 V ±10 %
Measurement accuracy ±0.1 % RMS of FS ±100 ppm FS (option)
Cooling system Water cooled with optional water conditioning unit
Variants 275 kW 1 Channel
275 kW 2 Channel
550 kW 2 Channel


sic current rise
Increased Power with Reduced Space Requirements

Compared to the previous generation, the device is 50% more compact while providing 25% more power.

High Precision Test Results

High dynamic performance combined with outstanding control and measurement accuracy.

Maximum Flexibility and Scalability

Combined with a power distribution switch box (PDSB), it provides maximum flexibility for the power and current requirements used on different test beds.

AVL E-STORAGE SiC is the latest evolution within the AVL E-STORAGE portfolio. As a pioneer in automotive battery development and with more than 2100 E-STORAGE devices in use, customers can rely on our technology and application knowledge in testing and validation.

Dynamic Power Sharing

All multi-channel devices can share their power flexibly across multiple channels. This is possible without any interruption of a test run thus offering maximum flexibility within a test run or when using different UUTs.

Power Overload

When more power than nominal is needed, the device can be overloaded by 20% of its nominal power. This and other features can be enabled in software without requiring any hardware changes.


AR Supported Maintenance

The E-STORAGE SiC is one of the first devices where we work extensively with augmented reality support. This enables our experts to identify problems quicker and even perform maintenance activities remotely.

Jan Rocnik

For all testfield managers who are looking for a futureproofed solution, the AVL E-STORAGE SiC is the perfect device to safe space. Unlike others our product can flexibly share power over testbeds without changing power lines.

Jan Rocnik, Senior Group Product Manager

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