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Automotive Cyber Security From Design to In-Use

AVL SecGuard is the high-end solution offering for cyber security compliance, pouring cyber security development experience into an automated, flexible end-to-end software toolchain.

Cyber Security Suite

In response to the ever-growing number of software-defined vehicles and the associated attack surfaces, manufacturers strive for a highly secure E/E architecture to protect cars from hacker attacks across all interfaces. To deliver cyber secure and functional performance, a "secure-by-design" mindset has become prevalent today due to stringent standards and regulations worldwide. AVL SecGuard equips you with a robust and adaptive toolchain with the highest automation and standardization that takes your vehicle development to a new level of cyber security. From design to in-use, along the entire value chain: Our compelling solution helps you accelerate your complex automotive cyber security process through TARA, cyber security testing, software update and vulnerability management, and overall compliance management.

Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment

Powered by AVL ThreatGuard: Mitigate cyber threats to a minimum.

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Software Update and Vulnerability Management

Powered by AVL TraceGuard: Keep your vehicle software up to date and secure over the whole lifecycle.

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Cyber Security Process & Compliance Management

Powered by AVL ComplyGuard: Make bigger moves in cyber security development and certification.

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Cyber Security Testing

Powered by AVL TestGuard: Put security first with intelligence-led verification and validation.

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AVL TraceGuard
AVL TestGuard

Cyber threats are on the rise in today's digital world, where software-defined vehicles become increasingly connected and data-driven applications evolve. Many organizations need help to keep up with the security challenges posed by the growing complexity of products and the transition of enhanced vehicle functions from hardware to software. 

Higher-value software features require connectivity for communication and exchange with other vehicles or infrastructure. Thus, cyber risk incidents can critically impact the vehicle's E/E architecture and make it vulnerable to attack. To protect human safety, new regulations and standards will remain a top priority for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Cyber Security Suite

Vulnerability of Software-Defined Vehicles

With the evolving threat landscape and advanced connectivity, new attack vectors and potential manipulations of software-defined vehicles are emerging.

Risk to Physical Safety


Hackers are becoming inventive and targeting connected vehicles, posing a serious risk to the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Regulatory Framework


Stakeholders have to comply with regulations and standards like UNECE WP.29 R155 and R156, ISO/SAE 21434  and China GB & GB/T. 

Security by Design


Automotive players need to implement and test security-related measures during development to mitigate risks along the value chain.

Continuous Protection


Vehicles already on road must be continuously safeguarded against known and unknown security vulnerabilities with OTA updates throughout their lifecycle.

SecGuard accompanies you into the future of cyber security in the automotive industry, from development to SOP to on-road and beyond. The 360° ecosystem helps you consistently comply with existing and upcoming regulations and standards. Based on a holistic framework, it convinces with industry-leading tools the highest automation and standardization of unique expert knowledge – from TARA to testing to software updates and compliance management. Whether you want to automate penetration testing, understand what an optimal cyber security test environment should look like, or use CI/CD integration for continuous automotive testing, benefit from exceptional cyber security testing.

Cyber Security

SecGuard puts you in the driver’s seat towards development excellence and improves speed and efficiency in your homologation process. Discover how.

Leverage Sophisticated Automation and Standardization

Automate your cyber security workflows and rely on standardized, end-to-end threat identification, security concept analysis and testing based on robust automotive industry expertise.

Empower Compliance and Effectiveness

Gain a deep understanding about compliance relevant work products to ensure a smooth cyber security certification process. 

Stay Ahead With Unsurpassed Testing Competence

Boost your cybersecurity testing by leveraging AVL's decades of experience in vehicle testing and ability to thoroughly understand E/E architecture.


Comprehensive and Automated Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment

Change the cyber security game today: create a clear system model of your connected vehicle, perform your TARA at the touch of a button, automatically analyse countless attack paths and visualise attack trees. You can also easily identify threats from multiple catalogs thanks to an always up-to-date database.

Automated Security Testing for All Vehicle Variants and Components

Unleash your cyber power with the ultimate security testing: Start reducing your security vulnerabilities with dynamic testing and automatically scan for and exploit defects across multiple targets. Secure your vehicle by examining your software right from the virtual protoype, to the testbed and the real vehicle. Trace your software variants according to SUMS regulation.

Step-By-Step Guidance & Process Automation For Compliance

With SecGuard, you get valuable, hands-on expert guidance at every step along the complex path to homologation. Profit from an outstanding standardized process that generates regulatory-relevant documents effortlessly and efficiently.

Experience Cloud

Get ready for cyber security and compliance! Whatever your automotive security challenges, our compelling end-to-end solution will transform your development process. Enduring. Let us show you the full power of SecGuard, the innovator's hub for automotive software, hardware, and training:

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Start innovating for the future and uncover how SecGuard seamlessly complements AVL's exceptional product and solution portfolio.

Cyber Security Suite
How to Ensure Cyber Security Within the Lifecycle of Software-Defined Vehicles 

This webinar will discuss how typical features within the software-defined vehicle (SDV), such as component sharing, on-demand features or short update cycles, impact the level of security.

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