AVL SiL Suite

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We have created a seamless, all-in-one solution that can be run on any standard desktop computer or cloud. Experience real-world simulations in miscellaneous testing and calibration environments like Software-in-the-Loop (SiL), Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL), testbeds and vehicles.

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AVL SiL Suite rethinks the concept of testing and calibration as we know it – with a seamless, open, and modular solution. As data-intensive automotive game-changers like ADAS, e-Mobility, or 24/7 connectivity become the new normal, it needs a major shift to simulate all these features and functionalities. End-to-end-platform SiL Suite masters this complexity in a snap: Design and execute tailor-made test scenarios right from your office desktop and anticipate real-life driving maneuvers long before even one xCU rolls off the line. Replicate and automate your test runs in your preferred testing and calibration environment (HiL, SiL, testbed, or vehicle) without much effort. On top, boost your development process with intuitive features like integrated Controller Software, Co-Simulation, Calibration Assistance, etc. Onboard SiL Suite into your software ecosystem and watch the magic happen – when virtuality merges with the real world.

Vittal Bandi

It's about deploying a 360° extensible solution that gives you the flexibility and freedom to develop vehicles for tomorrow today. SiL Suite empowers software testing and simulation that works with all your technologies and in all environments - from anywhere in the world.

– Vittal Bandi, Application Support Engineer, Advanced Software Solutions, AVL List GmbH

Speed up your development processes and experience our next-level simulation solution SiL Suite on AVL Experience Cloud. Based on our profound engineering expertise we designed Experience Cloud as an interactive knowledge platform for actionable automotive software solutions:

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AVL SiL Suite

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