AVL Filter Weighing Management

Precise Results with Maximized Reproducibility

Meet emission regulations with accurate filter weighing results.

Filter Weighing Robot

Get to know our Filter Weighing portfolio existing of Filter Weighing Chamber, Filter Weighing Robot and the tailored software tool AVL ParticleScale. Our Filter Weighing portfolio is designed to ensure accurate results to meet current and upcoming legislations.

As particulate emission legislation gets stricter, the weighing process is getting more and more complex. Many parameters like electrostatic charge, temperature, humidity, pressure, and the resulting buoyancy correction play an important role and operators are challenged with reproducible measurements in the tenth microgram range. Furthermore, both unloaded and loaded filters have to be weighed several times in order to obtain a mean value, so numerous weighing operations are required. This task places a considerable burden on laboratory technicians and entails a relatively high risk of incorrect values being recorded during weighing and when results are being manually transferred. 

Detail View of PM Filter

Efficiency Through Automation

The Filter Weighing Management Software AVL Particle Scale supports the operator during the whole weighing process and automatically transfers data to an emission automation software.

Optimal Climatic Conditions

A Filter Weighing Chamber provides the required climatic conditions for pre- and post-conditioning as well as weighing of filters for particulate sampling as defined by emission regulations. 

Ensuring Legislation Compliance

Incorrect readings are ruled out and the reproducibility of the weighing process is maximized, which means that compliance with emission regulations is ensured.

Reliable and Precise Results

Automation of the weighing process helps obtaining a very high reliability and precision of both the weighing itself and provides a traceable documentation. 

Product Specifications

  • Space saving solution for clean room standard 5
  • Precise control of constant climatic conditions to comply with current legislations
  • Fully automated, movement path and time-optimized weighing process via Filter Weighing Robot 
  • Intelligent storage management with four filter magazine towers
  • Sample filter identification via RFID code with freely configurable information
Property Unit

Types of FWC

FWC without Conditioning
FWC Advanced
FWC EPA 1065

Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 1,800 x 1,950 x 800 mm
Filter storage capacity Max. 640 filters



Ensure precise results with maximized reproducibility of the weighing process.


Fully traceable filter weighing process thanks to the innovative RFID technology.


Higher throughput and improved data quality with minimized workload for lab technicians.

AVL Filter Weighing Chamber

The AVL FWC™ Filter Weighing Chamber is a cost and space-saving alternative to a separately conditioned clean room. It is user friendly and offers maximum ergonomics and functionality.

AVL Filter Weighing Robot

The AVL FWR™ Filter Weighing Robot offers the most reliable and precise particulate matter (PM) weighing results via a fully automated filter weighing process. These results are then recorded in a database along with relevant ancillary data, such as temperature and relative humidity.

AVL ParticleScale

AVL ParticleScale fits ideally into the existing AVL automation system environment and leads the operator through the whole particle weighing process. Every filter runs through different states controlled by the AVL Particle Scale, beginning with preconditioning, and ending with the weighing of the loaded filters and its disposal.

AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems
AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems

The new benchmark for full-flow diluted emission testing is designed to take up much less space than conventional system cabinets and is built to use less energy.

Process Control Modules
AVL Process Control Modules

AVL Process Control Modules constitute a powerful selection of software modules to assist you in all necessary steps involved in the testing process and result evaluation.

AVL iGeneration SII Systems

The AVL iGENERATION Series II clears the way for intelligent and intuitive R&D and certification emission testing according to the latest worldwide emission regulations.

SL Visual

The AVL AMA SL is a exhaust measurement system that is revolutionizing emission testing. It is ideally suited to both research and development applications and certification for all types of engines and fuels.

AVL iCAL Emission Calibration Devices

The AVL iCAL product line includes everything you need to accurately calibrate emission measurement devices according to the legal obligations of global markets.

Filter Weighing Robot
Obtaining Accurate Gravimetric Particle Mass Weight Measurements With Software Solutions

In this webinar, we show you the basics of particulate weighing and how to reduce or eliminate external influences on the weighing results.

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In this webinar, Kurt Engeljehringer shares details of AVL’s free Emission and Energy Testing Handbook, which aims to help engineers understand and navigate this complex topic.

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