Portable Flame Ionization Detector

The AVL PA-FID C50TM is a portable FID analyzer for monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC) emissions in the process industry and in laboratories.


The AVL PA-FID C50TM  focuses on applications which require a quick and easy temporary installation of an analyzer for TOC measurements.

Global environmental protection initiatives require a drastic reduction of pollutant emissions. According to DIN EN 12619 a Flame Ionization Detector (FID) is a reference method for measurements of volatile TOC (Total Organic Carbon) from combustion power plants. Regular service checks are required for permanently installed analyzers of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS). To perform these tasks, the analyzers have to be portable, robust and lightweight as sample points are often difficult to access.
For cost-efficient operation, the consumption of operating gases are as crucial as maintenance requirements, both have to be minimized.

The PA-FID C50 is the ideal instrument to address these demands. 

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The AVL PA-FID C50 is available as a portable analyzer with a front panel for local operation and as a 19” rack analyzer without front panel. For further data processing, measuring data can be stored on an USB stick, or provided via the interface to the automation and data evaluation system. Thanks to a low fuel (H2) consumption and by using ambient air as burner air, an operation of up to 80 hours is possible with a 1l hydrogen bottle.

Technical Details  

Measurement Principle

FID (Flame Ionization Detector)
Measured Component TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 455 x 405 x 181 mm
Weight 18 kg
Burner Air Ambient air (via internal
Remote Operation Web-interface



The compact AVL PA-FID C50 is lightweight, easy to transport and requires a minimum of supply gases (ambient air and H2).


Measurements can be performed over a wide range of ambient temperature conditions with a neglectable oxygen cross sensitivity.

Excellent Serviceability

The modular design and easy accessibility of the analyzer support quick maintenance activities by the operator.


A QAL 1 certification is currently under examination, which will enable the PA-FID C50 to be used for QAL 2 or annual surveillance tests (AST)

Easy Operation

The AVL PA-FID C50 comes with a 7” touch display with
a clearly arranged, intuitive user interface. Alternatively,
the device can be operated through a web-interface via
a tablet or notebook. All important information is readily
available and main operations like auto calibration or data
recording can be executed per one-click.

Quick Startup and Support

Easily accessible mechanical and electrical connectors
combined with the automated calibration procedure
enable a quick setup of the device. To guarantee accurate
data the device software provides automated diagnostic
checks. An intelligent error management helps with any
issue that may arise during operation.

Low Cost of Ownership

Thanks to a low fuel (H2) consumption and by using ambient air as burner air, a permanent operation of up to 80 hours is possible with a 1l hydrogen bottle.

Reliable Technology

More than 50 years of AVL experience in developing, manufacturing and servicing gas analyzers guarantees a robust and reliable technology.

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