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Create machine learning models for intelligent automation and execute them in our 
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With PUMA 2 Machine Learning, we enable users to take full advantage of machine learning algorithms during their development process. With its semi-automatic workflow, users can easily create models out of previously recorded result data from the testbed. These models can then be executed in any application of the PUMA 2 automation platform during test run execution.

With the help of these models, users can intelligently monitor the health of the unit under test and the overall system by comparing predicted and measured values during runtime. 

The automotive industry today faces many challenges that include optimizing development costs and shortening time-to-market. In this environment, it is more important than ever to perform tests on the unit under test efficiently and to avoid unnecessary testing. It is critical to anticipate problems early to avoid costly damage to the unit under test and prevent delays in the project timescale.

Since tests are usually executed over several days and weeks, an intelligent mechanism is needed to detect errors and anomalies at an early stage. This enables the detection of a problem hours or even days before an incident happens in order to prevent potential damage to the unit under test and save valuable time.


PUMA 2 Machine Learning can be easily installed on any office computer. Its easy-to-use user interface enables even non-experts to take full advantage of well-known machine learning algorithms and various regression model types. This allows users to use learning patterns from test data without having to program them. PUMA 2 Machine Learning can be used to model and predict any channel values, and works in all test environments. 

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PUMA 2 Machine Learning allows to detect any problems with the unit under test and the overall testbed equipment at an early stage.

Ease of Use

Easily configure learning patterns without the need for programming skills

Time Saving

Predict values that are not available or require great effort to obtain

Maximize Productivity

Increase productivity through early stop of invalid tests


With PUMA 2 Machine Learning, we want to make the potential of ML algorithms available to our users in a user-friendly way for testbed automation. This can improve the monitoring of the Unit Under Test and thus detect problems at an early stage.

– Stephan Lenhart, Senior Product Manager AVL PUMA 2 Machine Learning, Test Automation Products, AVL List

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