AVL Vehicle Charging TS™

Test system (TS) to test charging and discharging of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is a key technology in transition to e-mobility. This solution ensures global AC and DC charging standards.

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In addition to the on-board charger and the battery itself, most control units are also involved in charging the battery. With increasingly connected vehicles, the vehicle will need to communicate with many different types of charging stations and, in the near future, even directly with the power grid (for load balancing). Therefore, it becomes an even bigger challenge to validate the charging functionality.

Conventional propulsion systems and the infrastructure are only loosely connected, while plug-in electrified vehicles are strongly connected to the infrastructure. New standards and norms regarding connections, communication, safety, etc. had to be established between OEMs and the industry in recent years. It is desirable to move charging test activities to a controlled test environment to reduce test costs, accelerate development, improve V&V, and enhance quality and customer experience. Simulated charging enables testing of various communication protocols as well as misuse or failures/malfunctions of charging stations. For AC charging, different mains supplies can be tested depending on the region, e.g. JP, US and EU.

Test Actual and Future Standards

DC: CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T; AC: Type 1, Type 2, GB/T; In future: CHaoJi, CCS Extended, Heavy Duty.

Focus on Communication Tests

Manipulate communication between charging station and vehicle.

Cover a Wide Range of Testing

High power and related derating tests including failure emulation on high voltage.

Designed to Be Future-Proof

Need for conformity and interoperability is addressed.

Provided Reversability

CP, PP manipulation for automatic plugging and unplugging.

High Flexibility

Possibility to do bidirectional charging – V2G, V2H, V2V, V2L.

Future Proof Modular Charging Test System

The flexible system enables testing of charging processes for electric vehicles. This allows our customers (OEMs, Tier 1) to perform good tests, which reflect the behavior of a successful battery charge at a charging station, as well as error tests, such as checking the reactions of the vehicle to these situations in the event of error messages. Bidirectional charging is also possible: it will be required in the context of new standards and can already facilitate your testing process. Conformance and interoperability tests can also be automated and integrated into the system.

DC Charging Unit

Maximum cable length

CCS type 1 500A 1000VDC – 500kW
CCS type 2 500A 1000VDC – 500kW
CHAdeMO 200A 1000VDC – 200kW
GB/T 250A 1000VDC – 250kW
AC Charging Unit
Type 1 32A – 7.4kW
Type 2 32A – 22kW
GB/T 32A – 22kW


Easy to Integrate

Prepared and easy to integrate as an add-on for existing AVL testbeds.

High Power Charge and Test

High power testing to the maximum of the respective standard.

Bidirectional Charging

Testing in bidirectional mode up to the maximum performance of the UUT.

Future-Proof Design

Modular design where the costumer can select the needed standards.

Communication Test

The communication between charging station and vehicle can be analyzed and tested. If necessary, the communication can be influenced or the reaction can be checked if a problem occurs during the charging process.

High Power and Bidirectional Charging

Our powerful AVL E-STORAGE not only enables supply over the entire range (voltage, current, power) of charging applications, but is also prepared for the increasingly important bidirectional testing.

AC Emulation

The optional use of a power supply emulator makes it possible to test different power supplies by region, e.g. JP, US and EU. With this tool it is also possible to emulate phase failures and frequency fluctuations.

Highly Automatable

Specific load test packages can be executed automatically with the test system. It is also possible to simulate the plugging process of the charging connector.

helmut richter

Our Vehicle Charger TS is the ideal tool to enable testing of different communication protocols, and misuse or malfunctions of charging stations. With it you can reduce test costs, and accelerate development times.

– Helmut Richter, System Line Manager, AVL List GmbH

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