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Adapting the ICE for Alternative Fuels - Crankcase Ventilation

Crankcase Ventilation

While electric vehicles dominate the conversation of sustainable mobility, electrification is not on the horizon for certain sectors anytime soon. For heavy-duty transport, heavy machinery and aviation, alternative fuels like ammonia or green hydrogen provide sustainable mobility solutions.

The use of alternative fuels opens new technical and safety issues which require engineering solutions. One of those is ventilation of residual fuel gases out of an engine crankcase. 

In this webinar, our experts will show you how to use AVL simulation tools to predict the gas and oil distribution inside a crankcase, and thereby optimize the ventilation.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • AVL FIRE™ M embedded body crankcase modeling
  • Detailed multiphase oil and gas distribution
  • Oil separation prediction
  • Residual gas flammability prediction

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Jure Strucl

Jure Strucl
Senior Simulation Engineer CFD, Powertrain Systems and Thermal Solutions
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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