All You Need to Know About Optimizing Co-Simulation


For topics like vehicle electrification, VTMS, RDE, ADAS and many other advanced automotive applications, optimum results are achieved when engineers combine best-in-class simulation models from different domains. In this free, 60-minute webinar we will discuss how to make sure that integrated co-simulation systems work fast and accurately in different execution environments: from office (MiL and SiL), to cloud and in the mixed real-time HiL and testbed systems.

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • Advanced simulation tasks can be mastered by combining models from different domains
  • Re-using validated models increases overall development efficiency and product quality
  • Integrating the models in a consistent co-simulation system is highly complex
  • Virtualized testing requires the interlinking of software models with real-time hardware test systems
  • Co-simulation can be achieved and optimized by combining different software techniques such as error elimination, parallelization, optimal time-step/solver management and smart scheduling

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Josko Balic

Klaus Schuch

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