Introducing AVL Scenario Simulator™: A Free Simulation Platform for Scenario-Based ADAS/AD Testing

AVL Scenario Simulator™

AVL Scenario Simulator™ is a cost-optimized solution for fully automated, large-scale ADAS/AD testing. Build the optimal virtual prototype for each test purpose. Equipped with lightweight, high-performance models as well as open interfaces, Scenario Simulator offers maximum flexibility with easy integration of your ADAS/AD software and other simulation models or tools.

One of its highlights are the high-performance statistical sensor models. They are the missing piece that enables scalable closed-loop testing of planning and controls without resource-intensive physical/raw sensor simulation. This is especially important as the number of sensors increases with the automation level.

Join our webinar and learn all about our Scenario Simulator and how you can get and use the free version including all the functions of the tool.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • Integrate ADAS/AD software, models, tests and tools via open and standardized interfaces.
  • Included performant, object-based sensor models and vehicle dynamics enable cost-efficient scaling to millions of tests.
  • Run parallel simulations on local machine or scale in cloud.
  • Full automation via Python scripting API
  • Standardized sensor interface and result visualization (ASAM OSI®)
  • Standards: OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, OSI, FMI, ROS, …

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Simon Terres, AVL List GmbH

Simon Terres
Solution Manager ADAS/AD Scenario Based Simulation
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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