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Development of PEM Fuel Cell Systems: How System Simulation Supports Use Cases on SiL and HiL


The development of fuel cell systems for mobile and stationary applications is supported by virtual twins throughout the process. The application range spans from the early concept layout and design, up to the virtual testbed featuring a seamless transition between real hardware and virtual prototypes. In order to efficiently reduce development time and costs, virtualization demands for consistent and scalable simulation models. Physical-based system simulation is a key enabler to achieve the required accuracy, consistency and extrapolation capabilities for the full range of applications. Hard real-time capability is a must for SiL / HiL applications.

The use of virtual twins in SiL and HiL environments, especially in FCCU calibration, is the ultimate test for the underlying model. It requires highest accuracy, robustness and computational performance with hard real-time capability. At AVL, our simulation software is developed by engineers for engineers. The software is used in development departments to create virtual twins to efficiently support the development process. This webinar will provide insight into various aspects of both simulation software development and engineering for fuel cell systems, highlighting the mutual benefits of the two disciplines under one roof.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • Multi-physical simulation for supporting PEMFC system development
  • Scalable modelling depth for stack and BoP components
  • Automated model parameterization
  • Components sizing and system performance assessment
  • System simulation for SiL/HiL aided calibration

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Christoph Pötsch, AVL List GmbH

Christoph Pötsch
Principal Development Engineer Software
Advanced Simulation Technologies

Anton Reiter, AVL List GmbH

Anton M. Reiter
Senior Development Engineer PEM Systems
Powertrain Engineering

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar
CFD Application Engineer
Advanced Simulation Technologies

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