Enabling Virtualization for Vehicle Water Management: Generating More Actionable Insights in Less Time


Vehicle water management is a challenging engineering problem to address, but the right development tool can make the process more efficient and enjoyable for the engineer. In this free, 60-minute webinar, our expert Jan Viher discusses smoothed-particles hydrodynamics (SPH), an efficient method for simulating liquid dominated flows, which offers numerous advantages that result in reduced time from an engineering challenge to an answer.

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • Find out how PreonLab, requiring no meshing and considering a full geometrical complexity, provides answers for water management challenges
  • Master powerful post-processing and visualizations to derive additional insights for water wading, vehicle soiling and other water management applications
  • Leverage the power of simulation and reduce the time from initial concept to design

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Jan Viher

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