Fuel Cell Virtual Prototyping - Achieving Optimal Performance and Lifetime


Performance optimization, increased lifetime and cost reduction are the main drivers behind current PEM fuel cell research and development activities. A detailed understanding of the physical and electro-chemical processes governing the conversion of hydrogen and air into electricity, water and excess heat is decisive for proper MEA component selection, flow-field design and stack media supply optimization. Join us for this webinar to get an insight on how 3D multi-physics CFD supports you in meeting the engineering goals, achieving the key performance targets of your PEM Fuel Cell and speeding up your development process.

Recording available - 60 mins
Presentation language
  • Anode and cathode flow-field and channel design
  • Flow channel flooding and water management
  • MEA components selection
  • Identification of degradation mechanisms
  • Cooling channel layout
  • Stack media supply and temperature distribution

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Reinhard Tatschl

Matija Mlakar

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