Industrial Transmission Dynamics and Bearing Durability


Renewable energy tops the list of measures to be taken to reduce greenhouse gases in most discussions about climate change. In that respect, wind turbines show enormous potential for the future. Accordingly, the industry shows great commitment to continuously develop them further, increasing power per unit while decreasing mass. Considering the extremely high costs of prototyping, the role of simulation in the development of wind turbine components and systems cannot be overestimated. In this free, 60-minute webinar you will learn why AVL EXCITE™ is the tool of choice for virtual wind turbine transmission development. It focuses on flexible body interaction via elasto-hydrodynamic radial and axial slider bearings and complex gear contacts within planetary systems. Our proven multibody dynamic simulation approach, providing high result accuracy, can also be used for numerous further applications in this field.

Recording available - 60 mins
Presentation language
  • Prototyping vs. numerical simulations
  • Slider bearing modeling and gear contact evaluation in wind turbine transmissions
  • Potential for future simulation applications based on current models and methodology

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Stanislav Marusic

Bruno Haramincic

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