'Meshing-less' Method for Predictive Aerodynamic Simulations


The early design stages of vehicle development process are typically associated with low quality CAD data. Preparatory work is burdensome and costly, requiring large manual workload and skilled user. In this webinar you will learn how to avoid tedious, non-value adding activities and perform efficient and accurate aerodynamic simulations using innovative Embedded Body Method (EBM).

Recording available - 60 mins
Presentation language
  • No meshing effort combined with competitive computational effort and result accuracyas a practical solution suitable for WLTP regulations
  • Simple and intuitive, easy-to-use workflow, from the CAD surface import to the simulation setup, execution and automated post-processing
  • Find out how EBM in FIRE M fully leverages advantages of the advanced turbulence modeling combined with a proper adaptive refinement strategy
  • Powerful Solution App with built-in application know-how for non-expert users, enabling simulations for innovative and faster design
  • Short turnaround times, automated analysis of multiple variants without remeshing

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