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More driving pleasure thanks to optimized, integrated driving dynamics control system

Key Visual Vehicle

Integrating the e-drive into previous vehicle dynamics control loops opens the way to ideal vehicle motion control - but only at first glance. To avoid artificial and inconsistent driving behavior, classical methods of vehicle dynamics function development must be used. Existing functions must also be re-evaluated.

On the way to more driving pleasure, developers should continue to keep an eye on the positive effects of braking interventions and use the e-drive in time.

In our webinar, you will learn from Dr. Zoltan Hankovszki as well as Dr. Jan Loof how vehicles and e-drivetrain layouts need to be paired, when interventions with vehicle deceleration become beneficial and how a feed-forward algorithm can ensure direct driving behavior.

  • Presentation of the chassis development department and AVL's expertise
  • Innovative development methodology
  • Integrated and harmonised control of brakes and powertrain
Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • driving dynamic
  • brake functions
  • e-drive


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