The Power of Virtual Prototyping in Vehicle Soiling Analysis

Sensor Soiling

Vehicle and sensor soiling is becoming an increasingly important aspect of vehicle design. The focus is clearly shifting from pure aesthetics to challenges related to safety improvement and cost reduction. While climatic wind tunnels are costly and cannot replicate real road and weather conditions, conventional (mesh-based) CFD methods are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

In this webinar, you will learn about meshless simulation capabilities for predicting vehicle and sensor soiling phenomena. Learn how virtual prototyping can provide actionable insights and improve design for driver vision and safer autonomous driving before the first prototype is available.

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60 min
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  • The meshless method and lean workflows for rapid exploration of what-if scenarios in early development
  • PreonLab enhanced with multi-GPU support for the snow solver
  • Leverage rapid virtual prototyping to maximize engineering insights and identify and fix potential problems before design freeze
  • Use virtual twins to avoid late-stage fixes and costly design changes
  • Reduce cost and development time, improve design for driver vision and safer atonomous driving

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Teo Milosic
Simulation Engineer CFD
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

Blaz Samec

Blaz Samec
Simulation Engineer Customer Services
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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