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PreonLab 6.0 Release Event

PreonLab 6.0 Release

Every Preoneer knows that with PreonLab we always strive to provide the most reliable, usable and efficient CFD software. But what if you could get your results even faster?

PreonLab 6.0 will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of particle-based CFD. With the introduction of PreonLab being able to simulate on GPU hardware, there will be a performance boost that will provide you with results faster than ever before, following the principle: Make it Real… fast! And there is even more.

Don‘t miss the latest updates and join us for this event, as we are already very excited to show you all that is new with PreonLab 6.0!

Recording available - 60 min
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  • GPU Implementation – Performance boost with the possibility to run simulations on GPUs
  • Surface Tension – Lateral adhesion upgrade for a more realistic droplet behavior in water management scenarios
  • User Interface – Updates for enhanced usability with PreonLab

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Markus Ihmsen

Markus Ihmsen
Managing Director
FIFTY2 Technology

Max Flamm

Maximilian Flamm
Application Engineer
FIFTY2 Technology

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