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Release Event 2023 R2

AVL Simulation Tech Day: The Future of Vehicle Development

Get insights about the new functionalities of our Simulation Software Release 2023 R2.

Our products are constantly evolving, and we are committed to delivering meaningful enhancements that meet your evolving needs and requirements. We develop for better usability, faster workflows and add features that open up new possibilities for our customers.

Join our event to get an overview of all the exciting additions and updates to our simulation software products. In short, ten-minute interviews, our experts will give you a quick and concise introduction to what is new in all of our solution areas.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • CAD importer and automated parameter extraction of tubes in cooling circuits for VTMS applications
  • Many enhancements in and around the electrochemical battery model
  • Fuel cell system generator that significantly reduces modeling effort and time
  • Migration of our EHD capabilities for bearing and piston applications to the new AVL EXCITE™ M
  • Enhancements for combustion simulation to support the full range of e-fuels
  • Fuel cell model extensions to enable the analysis of high temperature PEMFC

Don’t miss out on this format, where we bring you all the information of the upcoming release in one event. 

Recording available - 65 min
Presentation language
  • Simulation Technologies
  • Modeling Approaches
  • Development Workflow

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