Scaling Up ADAS Testing – One Million Scenarios a Day in the Cloud


Shorter time-to-market but more scenarios needed for validation? This webinar shows how to overcome these challenges in ADAS development without having to compromise on safety. Based on a variety of real-life use cases, our experts will guide you through AVL’s cloud-based development cycle for ADAS validation.

Recording available - 60 mins
Presentation language
  • Scalability: 1 million scenarios tested per day
  • Maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs in ADAS/AD testing
  • Automated tool-based scenario creation
  • Modular cloud co-simulation with Model.CONNECT™, AVL VSM™ and environment simulators
  • In-the-loop assessment of safety and human feeling KPIs with AVL-DRIVE

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Dr. Philippe Nitsche

Josko Balic

Jörg Schlager

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