Accelerating Software Deployment for Software-Defined Vehicles


Join us in our webinar series focused on how to accelerate software deployment for software-defined vehicles (SDV). Our comprehensive sessions devided into one main and three deep-dive webinars stress the complexities of accelerating software deployment for the SDV.

Watch the sessions now and learn how to:

  • boost validation speed in pure virtual environments of software-defined vehicles
  • reduce validation time for various types of HiL testbeds within software-defined vehicles 
  • ensure cybersecurity within the lifecycle of software-defined vehicles 
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Part 1 of 4

Recording available - English

How to Accelerate Software Deployment for Software-Defined Vehicles
Part 2 of 4
DevOps Pilot

Recording available - English

How to Boost Validation Speed in Pure Virtual Environments of Software-Defined Vehicles​
Part 3 of 4
Virtualization HiL

Recording available - English

How to Reduce Validation Time for Various Types of HiL Testbeds Within Software-Defined Vehicles
Part 4 of 4
Cyber Security Suite

Recording available - English

How to Ensure Cyber Security Within the Lifecycle of Software-Defined Vehicles 

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