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Thermal Runaway Simulation: Modeling and Risk Analysis of Ejected Particles

Webinar Thermal Runaway

The battery is one of the core factors for the market success of battery electric vehicles (BEV). After mechanical, thermal or electrical abuse, a battery cell can go into thermal runaway. This leads to the rapid emission of hot, combustible gases caused by exothermic reactions of reactive components. Due to the high energy released, solid material from the damaged interior of the battery cell is ejected as particles together with the gas. The hot gas-particle mixture poses a high risk to all surrounding systems and can ignite in the worst case.

In our webinar, Matteo Fritz gives an insight into how the modeling of the battery thermal runaway including the ejected particles in our CFD software simulation tool AVL FIRE™ M looks in detail and what the challenges and criteria for evaluating the risk of ignition are in such a simulation.

Key topics and takeaways:
• 3D thermal runaway simulation
• Particle modeling
• Evaluation of the ignition hazard emanating from particles and gases

Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Battery Development
  • Thermal Runaway


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