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Virtual Development of Rotary Piston Engines for Performance and Thermal Load

Rotary Piston Engine

The advantages of the rotary piston engine make it the ideal source of propulsion not only, but especially, for small, unmanned aircraft. A market that is growing rapidly around the world as ideas are realized to use them for civilian purposes beyond military applications. To support the development and optimization of rotary piston engines and to adapt them to their specific application, the use of simulation is indispensable. 

In this webinar we will present how incorporating 1D thermodynamic cycle and 3D CFD simulation are used to maximize the engine’s performance and keep its thermal load under control.

Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Conveniently model the thermodynamic system
  • Easily perform concept studies at the system level
  • Explore the details of combustion and thermal load with 3D CFD

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Ales Cvikl

Ales Cvikl
Team Leader - Thermodynamic Systems Simulation
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

Andreas Diemath

Andreas Diemath
Senior Simulation Engineer - System Simulation
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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