Virtual Evaluation of Transmission Design Based on Predicted Efficiency and Temperatures


Cooling the transmission with oil causes losses due to splashing, which in turn affects the efficiency of the transmission. To counteract this, attempts are often made to reduce the oil quantity. However, this carries the risk of insufficient cooling, which can lead to transmission failure.How the oil is distributed in the transmission depends not only on the quantity but also on internal geometry. Since the system is closed, it is nearly impossible to visually assess the oil distribution with physical prototype. For this purpose, you can switch to a virtual environment. By the virtual visualization of the oil distribution in operation, an engineer can make a visual assessment. Further, the simulation is able to provide temperature results which simplifies engineering decisions significantly. For this purpose, the mechanical losses in the gear and bearing contacts, which serve as heat sources in the CFD simulation, are calculated with the dynamic multi-body simulation. Churning losses due to oil splashing and cooling effects of the oil as well as oil and structure temperatures are the results of the CFD simulation.In this webinar we will show you how to perform transmission efficiency and temperature prediction. We shall demonstrate the workflow that reduces model setup from days to minutes. This is achieved by importing geometries from multi-body dynamic simulations and extremely simplified mesh creation (embedded body technology) which does not require user interaction.

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • Validation of transmission design before prototyping by simulating oil distribution, efficiency and temperature.
  • Reduced modeling time with guided model set-up and multi-body dynamic simulation import
  • Simplified mesh set-up with embedded body technology
  • Accurate prediction of overall transmission efficiency and temperature distribution with the help of AVL eSUITE™

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