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Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation Software

AVL EXCITE™ is a software for the simulation of rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics of powertrains. It is a specialized tool that calculates the dynamics, strength, vibration and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and conventional or electrified powertrains.

Products & Services

AVL EXCITE™ Designer uses efficient numerical methods to enable fast and realistic dimensioning of crankshafts, powertrains and drivelines already in the early concept phase of the development process.
AVL EXCITE™ Power Unit is a highly advanced multi-body dynamics solution for calculating the dynamics, strength and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and powertrains. The system approach and accurate results enable designs close to endurance limits and to calculate structure-borne noise levels close to reality.
AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics is a new tool of the EXCITE™ product family for the calculation of sound radiation in free field from vibrating structures such as engines and power units using the wave based technique (WBT).
A flexible and modular system makes AVL EXCITE™ Timing Drive an ideal, easy-to-use tool for standard applications as well as for detailed investigations of valve trains and timing drives. It covers the entire workflow starting from kinematic design of cam profiles up to the dynamics of entire timing drives.
AVL EXCITE™ Piston&Rings is an efficient tool for sizing piston ring assemblies. It calculates absolute values for inter-ring pressures, piston ring movements and blow-by and delivers reliable trends regarding lube oil consumption.
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