Disruptive Meshless CFD

FIFTY2 PreonLab

PreonLab is the disruptive innovation for CFD simulation. It focuses on simulating free-surface flow in highly dynamic simulation setups with minimal preprocessing effort. No meshing is required even for complex objects and kinematics. The software enables accurate prediction of the flow paths of water or oil helping to improve the design of components and integration into the whole vehicle. With PreonLab it is possible to create impressive animations of the simulation results.

Water Passage

  • Can I optimize the design of the vehicle for water passage?
  • Can I predict the flow of rain water in the engine compartment?
  • How can I prevent water collection in critical parts leading to corrosion (e.g. door and lock)?
  • Can I estimate the fluid pressure force acting on critical parts?

Rain Water Evacuation

  • Is it possible to predict the flow path of rain water in the engine compartment?
  • Can I predict the effect of wiper movement?
  • How can I optimize the rain water evacuation in order to prevent corrosion and icing?

Gear Box Design

  • Is it possible to efficiently approximate the oil distribution?
  • How can I optimize oil supply?
  • Can I predict and optimize the lubrication? 

The AVL Solution
Since PREON® is a meshless approach, there is no need to take effort in meshing. PreonLab efficiently imports geometries with only minimal requirements. Rigid body kinematics can be defined intuitively for even complex setups.

PreonLab runs both on standard hardware and on HPC platforms resulting in instant feedback on the current state of the simulation. The Lagrangian solver and implicit pressure formulation allow for optimal time steps and efficient computation. The MPI capapbility further reduces trunaround times and enables the simulation of real time seconds within hours.

The solver has been extended to compute heat transfer within the fluid and at the interfaces with air and solid geometries.

PreonLab includes powerful post-processing tools, including numerous sensors and analysis options. It is possible to decide on the placement of viewpoints and sensor collection areas after running the simulation. PreonLab includes all the features to intuitively create charts, plots and even rendered animations.

The Added Value

  • Ease of use and intuitive GUI
  • Great variety of virtual lab solutions (rain lab, water channel)
  • Short preparation time, no meshing, superior simulation time
  • Powerful visualization and post-processing of results
  • Qualified and task oriented support along with method development