The Leader in Powertrain CFD


30 years in the making, AVL FIRE™ is the leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation package for the Internal Combustion Engine. And in the era of new drive technologies, it is a powerful tool in the development of major components in the electrified powertrain.

Designed to accurately simulate relevant physics and chemistry, it has a wide range of uses. These include the prediction of fuel sprays, ignition, combustion and engine-out emissions as well as tailoring components of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, but also the modelling of electrochemistry and thermal behaviour of batteries and fuel cells.

An Integrated Approach
Through automated pre-processing computational models are generated without effort, even those including moving parts such as pistons, valves, shafts, gears, etc.

The main program offers grid independent heat transfer modelling, turbulence modelling accounting for the complexity of flows in powertrain components, Lagrangian and Eulerian multiphase capabilities dedicated to FIRE’s key applications and in-depth modelling of reaction-chemistry and electro-chemistry.

The integrated postprocessor offers online monitoring and result analysis.

The power of AVL FIRETM :

  • Solve the most demanding problem in powertrain development
  • Qualified, task-oriented support along with method development, available from the global AVL network
  • 70 years of experience embedded into one flexible product