Test and Validate - AVL designs and supplies customer specific testbed solutions for fuel cell based powertrains.

Fuel Cell Test System

With the increase of focus on fuel cell development by many of the OEMs, AVL can provide bespoke testbed solutions for testing your fuel cell based powertrains.

Products & Services

Cost-efficient and flexible

Fuel Cell Solutions for Engineering and Testing

Comprehensive experience leading to outstanding solutions

Fuel cells are a potentially game-changing technology for mobility and power generation. AVL’s fuel cell engineering and testing offerings are based on more than 15 years’ experience. The solutions are flexible, cost-efficient and offer viable business cases for clean and efficient mobility and power generation applications.

Zero-emission power

AVL Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) System

Advanced PEMFC system for electric vehicles – from passenger car, long-haul trucks to marine application

AVL provides high-end customer-specific PEMFC engineering solutions ranging from computational cell/stack/system development over fuel cell powertrain development, e-drive powertrain engineering, the integration into the vehicle, software development, system testing to complete fuel cell vehicles (from prototype to start of production).