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The perspectives offered to you by AVL

AVL offers innovative technologies across international, multi-cultural teams including exciting opportunities to work with renowned companies from the automotive industry on exciting projects and technologies of the future. We also promote and support further development of our people. AVL has branches worldwide and therefore opportunities are not restricted to one location.

Open Jobs: 732

Experience Level:
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Job Title Location Department Experience Level
2018-08-21 Entwicklungsingenieur Powertrain System Design (m/w/d) Remscheid Powertrain Engineering Entry Level
2018-08-22 Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w/d) - Applikation OBD Otto - Standort Wolfsburg Wolfsburg Powertrain Engineering Young Professional (<3 years)
2018-09-06 Component Engineer / Modulleiter / BTV für E/E Komponenten (m/w/d) Remscheid Powertrain Engineering Professional (>3 years)
2018-09-07 Projektleiter Hybrid- und Elektroantriebe (m/w/d) Remscheid Electrification/Electrical/Electronic Professional (>3 years)
2018-09-11 Manufacturing Engineer Budapest Powertrain Engineering Entry Level
2018-09-18 Funkciófejlesztő mérnök (fuel cell systems) Kecskemét IT & Software Entry Level
2018-10-03 Szimulációs Mérnök Gyakornok- Grazi diplomaírás (Dinamikai terület) Budapest Simulation Entry Level
2018-10-05 Transmission Design Engineer / Sebességváltó Tervezőmérnök Budapest Mechanical Engineering Entry Level
2018-10-09 Praktikum Wolfsburg Mechanical Engineering Student/Internship
2018-10-11 Data Scientist with IT background Zagreb Calculation Entry Level
2018-10-16 Commissioning Engineer f/m Graz Instrumentation and Test Systems Entry Level
2018-10-17 Project Manager Powertrain Engineering (m/w) Graz Project Management Professional (>3 years)
2018-10-22 Project Manager Vehicle Integration Commercial Vehicle (m/w) Graz Vehicle Professional (>3 years)
2018-10-24 Senior Entwicklungsingenieur Fahrwerk (m/w) Graz Vehicle Professional (>3 years)
2018-10-25 International Project Assistant Budapest Administration Young Professional (<3 years)
2018-10-26 2nd Level Support Specialist Budapest - not defined no selection
2018-10-31 Team Assistant Budapest Administration Entry Level
2018-11-05 Virtual Reality 3D Designer Istanbul Instrumentation and Test Systems Professional (>3 years)
2018-11-07 Technical Expert Special Conditioning Systems f/m Graz Powertrain Engineering Professional (>3 years)
2018-11-07 Development Engineer Battery and e-Components f/m Graz Powertrain Engineering Entry Level
2018-11-15 IT Support Engineer (Hardware/Software) (f/m) Graz IT & Software Entry Level
2018-11-16 Development Engineer - Modeling Combustion f/m (Dept.: DEM) Graz Mechanical Engineering Professional (>3 years)
2018-11-27 Lead Engineer Vehicle Corrosion & Tightness (Dept.: DCM) (m/w) Graz Powertrain Engineering Professional (>3 years)
2018-12-10 Quotation Manager f/m Graz Instrumentation and Test Systems Entry Level
2018-12-10 Techniker Applikation (m/w/d) Wolfsburg Mechanical Engineering Professional (>3 years)
2018-12-12 Data Validation Engineer Budapest Powertrain Engineering Young Professional (<3 years)
2018-12-17 Product Manager particle concentration measurement f/m Graz Product Management Professional (>3 years)
2019-01-02 DESIGN ENGINEER Hranice Design Professional (>3 years)
2019-01-02 COMMISSIONING ENGINEER Hranice Production Professional (>3 years)
2019-01-09 Application Engineer Software w/m Graz Instrumentation and Test Systems Entry Level