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Vacant Position

AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems (hybrid, combustion engine, transmission, electric drive, batteries, fuel cell and control technology) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle.

Thesis work - Active design of experiments for Li-ion cell

Europe: Sweden
  • Gothenburg
Department: - not defined

Your Responsibilities:
  • Background: With increasing complexity in modern HEVs comes an increasing number of control parameters, translating to a substantial increase in calibration time. Increased time, as well as complexity, due to required calibration adds to the overall development effort and, therefore, cost. The automotive engineering field has gradually come to realize the tremendous potential of model-based control as a solution to this fast-growing calibration problem. A model-based approach to calibration typically consists of building statistical models from real data to characterize
  • important behaviors, upon which control theory design steps can be utilized to produce a "calibration."
  • Thus, the use of time-series analysis, efficient and effective optimization algorithms, and proven system identification techniques become important in this process, because the dependence on realistic plant data is critical.
  • The aim is an active design of experiment to optimize the li-ion cell model calibration process with regards to testing time, calibration effort and model accuracy
  • This is done throughliterature review for Active Design of Experiment in battery modelling and bydefinition of model structure and calibration workflow (using AVL Cameo Tool).Setup validation environment and implementation of defined model and workflow. AVL will provide plant model (black box) to represent unit under test (UUT). Run validation loops for Active design of experiment.
  • The duration period is one semester, 30 ECTS points and will be performed at AVL
  • Starting date: January 2020
  • Number of students: suitable for one student
  • Tools, MATLAB/ Simulink.
Your Profile:
  • We are looking for a highly motivated student from electric power or Automotive engineering field that have a genuine interest in cars.
  • Good knowledge of lithium-ion cell testing and modelling.
  • Good knowledge of MATLAB, Simulink.

We look forward to receiving your details; please use our online application tool to send your application to AVL