Innovative technical solutions

AVL Ajunic®

Our controller platform for autonomous driving development


The power to move

AVL Fuel Cell DC/DC Converters

A modular platform for both passenger cars and heavy-duty commercial applications

As the electrified powertrain becomes increasingly  omnipresent, innovation is happening both in the development of new power sources and...

Keep competitive

AVL E-Drive Benchmarking

Our comprehensive program to ensure your market position and product performance


Driving efficiency

AVL Transmission and E-Drive Software and Controls

Optimized software solutions for electrified and conventional powertrain systems


A model of safety

Battery Safety Simulation

AVL’s simulation approach for safer batteries

As the electrification...

Virtual Battery Development

Battery Lifetime and Aging Prediction

First and second life applications


Make the most of your hardware

Fuel Cell Operating Strategy Optimization

Virtual tools to ensure the performance lifespan and safe operation of your fuel cell


Increase quality, reduce effort

Virtual Fuel Cell Calibration in Non-Standard Conditions

AVL Virtual Testbed™ helps you reduce effort and reliance on prototypes and test trips


Open. Easy. Safe.

AVL Scenario Designer

ADAS/AD scenario design and review

Today's trend in internal combustion engine (ICE) design is to achieve more power while downsizing and reducing the weight of the engine, thus...
The need to reduce CO₂ is the major driver in vehicle and powertrain development. Since years important measures to achieve the targets set are...
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