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Monitoring and Managing the entire Test Process

Support & Manage

Managing test field data as well as calibration data in planning, preparation and execution of test jobs and further processing of results is becoming more and more important within the automotive industry, foremost to be able to increase efficiency all over the development process.
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Turning development data into decision-relevant information

Data Processing Software AVL CONCERTO™

Holistic, open and adaptive data analytics solution

Developing modern powertrains with regard to better fuel efficiency, e-mobility and enhanced driver support systems also raises the challenge of...

Enhance the thermal comfort in your cabin


In the near future car interiors will change dramatically, thanks to vehicle electrification and the evolution of autonomous driving technology....

The global RDE testing solution


The in-vehicle measurement platform supporting all global Real Driving Emission (RDE) test requirements.

With global emission legislation and RDE requirements becoming stricter all the time, there is a growing need for a versatile, comprehensive PEMS...

Power electronics development

AVL Power HiL

A Highly efficient test method for validating power electronics