Test System Automation

Test System Automation

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Test System Automation

Automation systems have to provide innovative and flexible solutions takinge the latest automotive trends into account. In addition the best automation system is of no use if it is not stable and reliable. This concerns product quality and delivery dependability, as well as maintainability and eypandability. Investment protection is constantly in focus.
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The Ease of Automation

AVL PUMA Open 2™

Testbed Automation Platform

Testbed Automation Platform AVL PUMA Open 2TM is the global industry standard for testbed automation. It is suitable for all types of electrified...

Automate your charge


Automation platform for battery testing

AVL LYNX 2™ used by battery test engineers is the preeminent battery test automation system designed for cell, module and pack testbeds. Further,...

Experience the performance


Testbed control and monitoring system

AVL EMCON 6™ is the leading control and monitoring system for all powertrain testbed types. Further, AVL EMCON 6™ is a proud member of the AVL Team...
The BME 400 offers hardware and software for the control and manual operation of an eddy current dynamometer, an AC machine or a hydraulic...
The AVL EMCON 400 Standalone Advanced is a complete digital testbed control and monitoring system for a combustion engine and dynamometer on an...
The functions of PUMA Open FlexiCart™ range from use as a simulator in the office, to real test operation on an existing testbed.
AVL BOBCAT™ is an affordable and integrated engine testing automation system from AVL's COMPACT product line for both existing and new test cell...
AVL's highly flexible operating room concept considers the constantly changing requirements and work situations when executing engine and...