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Pioneer Spirit
Turning visions of the future into reality with courage and expertise. AVL has cultivated the ability to recognize important breakthrough targets early on and reach them ahead of the market. Because only the courageous look beyond the horizon and make discoveries that lead to outstanding developments.

Customer Orientation
Our success can only be measured by that of our customers. True understanding regarding a customer and his needs combined with experience and a global view allows us to create innovative solutions. Expertly conceived, uniquely tailored and efficiently carried out - a shared success.

Problem Solving Competence
It's a demanding world. Oriented basic research, cutting edge technological developments and clear product orientation are requirements for global competitiveness. In multi-disciplinary teams, AVL offers expertise, creativity, innovative thinking and effective project management network as support for professional solutions.

Modern mobility represents progress only when its goal, its form and its requirements respect nature. Our work at AVL reflects a deep understanding of the responsibility we share for our society, for mankind and for the world's achievements. Assurance that our world is one we can live in - now and in the future.

A company with personality. Embodied in Helmut List and reflected in his company. A personality rooted in a life-long pursuit of knowledge, characterized by a deep sense of responsibility and expressed in the company's independent status.