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Engineering services and products

Advanced Vehicle and Platform Development

Your one-stop-shop for powertrain and vehicle integration

With the ever-growing call for more sustainability and vehicle diversity, OEMs face an overwhelming wave of variants and complexity. As the race towards new technology intensifies, being able to push development efficiency to new levels will be the key to success. At AVL we have the know-how and decades of experience to help you make the right decisions for the vehicle definition and the advanced development of your vehicle and platform.

An Integrative Approach

The next generation of vehicles may be more complex, yet this complexity also serves as a platform to create optimized vehicles with an entirely new perspective. With our vast knowledge in product definition and positioning, developing advanced vehicles and platform concepts as well as defining and balancing complete vehicle targets and functions, we understand the inner workings of the vehicle better than anyone. This enables us to objectively decide which option will work best for you. Selecting suitable systems and components like powertrain elements, thermal management system and chassis systems is essential. But how these are integrated into the vehicle in a way that considers all vehicle functions and features is at least equally important. We have experts within each field with the know-how to ensure your product matches all of your requirements.

A Unique Service Offering

AVL has become known within the industry for its complete service approach. From the first definition of targets to the finished prototype, from a single cell to the fully electrified vehicle, and from the most minute component up to the most complex system – we can help you in every aspect of the development of your vehicle and its integration. This isn’t a marketing position; it is an internal goal, shared by everyone that works at AVL.

We have an in-depth understanding of challenges we need to overcome before a vehicle is introduced to the market. Right from the kick-off our engineering services and products address your needs, placing extra emphasis on well-balanced, fully integrated vehicles. For vehicle engineering our offering is an end-to-end solution. This enables us to reduce costs and save you valuable time, making us the perfect partner for your vehicle architecture and concept development needs.

Investing in Innovation

For us, investing in research and development is essential in creating new innovative solutions. We have the freedom and flexibility within AVL to constantly experiment, as we are continuously seeking out the best solutions to solve problems old and new. Internally, different departments collaborate to test and validate new concepts and ideas. This approach promotes even higher efficiency, which is an essential element of the entire vehicle development process.

Key Benefits

  • Complete service approach for powertrain and vehicle integration
  • Virtual development methods reduces the number of prototypes and saves costs
  • Highest quality solutions thanks to decades of experience and understanding
  • Shorter development times
  • Independent global service provider
  • Innovation and leading technology thanks to extensive R&D