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ADAS engineering driving tour UK 2018

AVL’s Highway Pilot Feature

Proving ADAS systems on the open road

AVL is spearheading the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). As part of our latest development efforts, we have created the AVL Highway Pilot feature, which is integrated in all our latest CAV demonstration vehicles. Highway Pilot enables hands-free driving and marks a major step forward.

Making History on the Open Road

It took eight months of preparation by our team of highly skilled engineers at AVL Powertrain UK Ltd, to develop the Highway Pilot feature into our latest demonstration vehicle. This, and the knowledge of a global network of experts all came together for one critical week in February. During this week our vehicle embarked on the longest UK ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) trial, travelling more than a thousand miles of open roads throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The tour successfully put the very latest in AVL’s level 3 autonomous driving concept through its paces.

CAV Solutions

AVL is a world leader in vehicle systems simulation. Yet the varying landscape and conditions of the UK provide a variety of real-world challenges that couldn’t be modelled in the computer. It was these challenges that made the trial a resounding success. The tests, which were carried out on highways across Great Britain in order to qualify the robustness of the Highway Pilot feature, are part of a larger and on-going development of CAV solutions. They push the boundaries of CAV innovation and are bringing us closer to finding the best solutions for our customers.

Why Partner with AVL?

We are the world's largest independent company for development, simulation and testing of passenger cars, trucks and large engines with more than 11.500 employees worldwide. The data gathered is increasing the industry’s understanding of the challenges facing autonomous vehicles. The latest AVL demonstration vehicle also represents our Integrated Open Development Platform (IODP), allowing other companies to evaluate technologies and gain insight into development challenges.