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About AVL

Adaptable to Change

With more than 11,500 employees, AVL List GmbH is the world's largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of all types of powertrain systems (hybrid, combustion engine, transmission, electric drive, batteries, fuel cell and control technology), their integration into the vehicle and is increasingly taking on new tasks in the field of assisted and autonomous driving as well as data intelligence. The company was founded in 1948 with the headquarters in Graz, Austria. It provides industry-leading technologies and services based on the highest quality and innovation standards to help customers reduce complexity and add value.

Our Vision and Mission
Clean. Affordable. Connected. Intelligent.
We as AVL provide leading technologies and superior services to our customers to create a better world by driving mobility trends of tomorrow.

AVL in the UK
AVL in the UK recognises the significant role our customers play in pushing the global engineering industry forward. To support this, we have invested by developing hubs of expertise in Coventry, Basildon and Hartlebury to provide local access to AVL’s global network of expertise. Think globally, act locally.