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The New AVL

If there is one thing that has been consistent in our seven decades of automotive experience, it is change. As the automotive industry has evolved, we have been there too, evolving right along with it. We are a leading global technology partner to an industry that never stands still. We embody and harness change to drive innovation for tomorrow.

Independent of the direction you are taking, we have the expertise and solutions to support you in times of uncertainty. Be this with conventional and electrified powertrains, their integration into the vehicle, connectivity, assisted and autonomous driving, through to data intelligence – we are there for you.

AVL in the UK

In the UK, AVL has over 40 years of experience providing customers tailored powertrain engineering and test system solutions.

Our innovative solutions support our customers' needs throughout the entire engine and powertrain development process, from initial research to production.


AVL Autonomous Driving and ADAS

Accelerating a safe autonomous future

With the transition from assisted driving to fully autonomous driving on the horizon, OEMs need to be prepared for ADAS levels 3 and beyond. At AVL, our AD/ADAS solutions are not just built upon years of experience – we are also actively engaged in a wide range of development and testing activities. From the design of ADAS/AD systems, right through to driving assistance system testing and validation, our technology know-how makes us your perfect partner in this rapidly advancing field.

AVL Electrification Solutions

Despite the reductions in emissions for new vehicles in recent years, the global progress in cutting harmful gases and particles is still not going fast enough. AVL offers scalable, customized and robust electrification solutions, from engineering, through to simulation and testing – from the office to rig to road.


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