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June 23 - 24, 2020 Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany

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14th International AVL Symposium on Propulsion Diagnostics

COVID-19: Notice from AVL Deutschland GmbH

For AVL Deutschland GmbH, the safety and health of all participants at our events has top priority.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to inform you that the 14th International AVL Symposium on Propulsion Diagnostics will not take place due to the current situation in Germany and Europe.

The event cannot be rescheduled at a later date. We will inform you in due course about the date for the next edition in 2022. Stay healthy!

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Evening Program

On the evening of June 23rd, 2020, we would like to spend a few unforgettable hours with you in Baden-Baden. We look forward to your participation.

Info Point

Kurhaus Baden-Baden
Kaiserallee 1
76530 Baden-Baden

Registration fee:
All fees include proceedings, catering and evening program (plus VAT).

€ 1.200,–   Registration fee
€ 950,–      if you register before March 6th, 2020 (early bird discount)
€ 650,–      for members of universities (limited)
€ 250,–      for students (limited)
Free of charge for speakers

Terms of payment:
30 days from date of invoice, net

The registration fee will be reimbursed (minus € 100,– for administrative costs (students € 50,–) plus VAT) provided that a written cancellation is received by May 15th, 2020, (postal date). Cancellations after this date will result in the forfeit of the full registration fee.

Presentation languages:
German and English (simultaneous translation)

Please address any inquiries relating to papers to:
AVL Deutschland GmbH
Waldemar Rott
Peter-Sander-Straße 32
55252 Mainz-Kastel
Phone: +49 6134 7179-0
E-mail: symposium@avl.com

Please address any organizational issues to:
AVL Deutschland GmbH
Sabine Mueller
Peter-Sander-Straße 32
55252 Mainz-Kastel
Phone: +49 6134 7179-16
E-mail: symposium@avl.com

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Program Committee

The quality of the technical papers is guaranteed by the Program Committee.

We would like to thank:

Dr. Bodo Durst
Prof. Helmut Eichlseder
Technische Universität Graz
Prof. Michael Günthner
Universität Kaiserslauten
Dr. Tobias Lösche-ter Horst
Volkswagen AG
Roland Jeutter
AVL Deutschland GmbH
Waldemar Rott
AVL Deutschland GmbH
Prof. Hermann Rottengruber
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Dr. Erik Schünemann
Robert Bosch GmbH
Dr. Rüdiger Teichmann
AVL List GmbH



09:00 Welcome and Opening of the 14th International AVL Symposium on Propulsion Diagnostics
Prof. H. List – AVL List GmbH
Session 1: Keynotes, Chairman: Dr. Rüdiger Teichmann – AVL List GmbH
09:15 Psychoacoustic parameters for the evaluation of automotive sounds
Prof. H. Fastl – Technical University of Munich
Session 2: NVH, Chairman: Dr. Rüdiger Teichmann – AVL List GmbH
09:45 Active Noise Control of Exhaust Flow Noise
T. Groche, Prof. J. Seewig – Technische Universität Kaiserslautern; Dr. N. Driot – Tenneco Inc.
10:15 High dynamic torque measurement for new powertrain technologies with focus onto E-Motor-Inverter-Optimization
P. Proier, Dr. J. Moder, Dr. F Duchi – AVL List GmbH
10:45 Coffee Break
Session 3: Combustion Processes, Chairman: Prof. H. Eichlseder – Graz University of Technology
11:15 Experimental Investigations and Thermodynamic Analysis of Water Injection on a Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
M. Helmich, Dr. D. Lejsek, Dr. A. Hettinger, Dr. E. Schünemann – Robert Bosch GmbH; Prof. H. Rottengruber – Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
11:45 A Pre-Chamber ignition system with active fuelling: an enabler for homogeneous lean and diluted combustion processes
T. Russwurm, Prof. M. Wensing; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
12:15 Enhanced instrumentation of an optical research engine with unique combustion chamber
S. Wüthrich, D. Humair, Prof. K. Hermann – University of Applied Sciences and Art Northwestern Switzerland; Dr. A. Bertola – Kistler Instrumente AG Winterthur, Switzerland
12:45 Lunch Break
Session 4: Hydrogen Propulsions, Chairman: Prof. H. Rottengruber – Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
14:15 Concept Development and Evaluation of a Hydrogen Combustion Engine for Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles
Dr. P. Grabner, Dr. K. Schaffer, Prof. H. Eichlseder – Graz University of Technology, Austria; M. Mansbart, Dr. D. Seboldt, I. Krinn – Robert Bosch GmbH
14:45 Low Pressure Hydrogen Direct Injection – Injector and Combustion Process Development
A. Neubauer, Dr. M. Schumacher, T. Russwurm, L. Strauss, Prof. M. Wensing – Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
15:15 AUDI h-tron – Challenges in control technology of a fuel cell system
Dr. M. Feßler, Dr. A. Burkardt, J. Jablonski – Audi AG
15:45 Coffee Break
Session 5: Fuel Cell Testing, Chairman: Dr. T. Lösche-ter Horst – Volkswagen AG
16:15 Facing the Challenges of Fuel Cell Testing
T. Dehne; T. Bruhn – AVL List GmbH, Austria
16:45 Advanced Methods of Optimising Fuel Cells on System Testbed
Dr. A. Trattner, S. Brandstätter, Dr. P. Pertl – HyCentA Research GmbH; T. Dehne, Ch. Kügele, Dr. M. Paulweber – AVL List GmbH, Austria
17:15 Intelligent Diagnostics for Fuel Cell Testing
Dr. A. Nouri, H. Homayouni, Dr. M. Olfert, Prof. M. H. Eikerling, Dr. A. Niroumand – Greenlight Innovation Corp., Canada
17:45 Hydrogen – the new old fuel, alongside or after diesel and petrol?
Dr. D. Bothe – Frontier Economics Limited
18:30 Opening followed by Dinner




Session 6: Keynote, Chairman: Prof. M. Günthner – Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
08:30 FFV Working Group Future Fuels – Climate-neutral Driving in 2050 – Options for the complete Defossilization of the Transport Sector
Dr. U. Kramer – Ford Motor Company
09:15 Optical analysis of the combustion of potential future E-Fuels with a high pressure dual fuel injection system
S. Gleis, M. Prager, Prof. G. Wachtmeister – Technical University of Munich
Session 7: Onboard Monitoring and Diagnostics, Chairman: Prof. M. Günthner – Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
09:45 Development of a correction procedure for pipe oscillations in indication bores
J. Rosenberg, Prof. Ch. Gossweiler, Prof. K. Hermann – University of Applied Sciences and Art Northwestern Switzerland; Dr. B. von Rotz – Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland
10:15 A new GPF Efficiency Diagnosis Concept based on a Machine Learning Approach
K. Klug, A. Oberneyer, Dr. L. Krämer, A. Roseneck – IAV GmbH
10:45 Coffee Break
Session 8: Diagnostic Methods, Chairman: Dr. E. Schünemann – Robert Bosch GmbH
11:15 Combustion analysis by 3D-visualization of light-intensity-measurement
Dr. T. Combé, K. Gavranovic, G. Wöhrle – Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
11:45 Flow Test Rig for Exhaust Blow Down Evaluation
E. Petschenig, R. Hopfer, M. Schwarzl, D. Pein – AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria; Dr. E. Schutting – Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria
12:15 Quantifying the significance of radiative trapping in a spark-ignited internal combustion engine
Prof. V. Sick, L. Henrion – University of Michigan, USA; Prof. D. Haworth – Pennsylvania State University, USA
12:45 Lunch Break
Session 9: RDE, Chairman: Dr. B. Durst – BMW AG
14:00 Multispecies Laser Spectrometer for Exhaust Emission Measurements
L. Biondo, O. Diemel, S. Wagner, T. Steinhaus – Technische Universität Darmstadt
14:30 Real-Driving-Emission-Testing on Powertrain Test Facilities
M. Uhlemann, J. Peters, P. Legler, H. Klein, Dr. T. Combé – Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
15:00 RDE test and calibration procedures for hybrid powertrain passenger cars
H. Philipp, M. Berglez, Dr. P. Grüneberger, Dr. A. Hirsch, A. Hochnetz, M Trifterer. Dr. E. Winklhofer – AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria
15:30 Low Emission concept for a Gasoline Engine Passenger Car Powertrain
A. Hassdenteufel, Dr. Th. Pauer, H. Weller, Dr. E. Schünemann, Dr. J. Walther, Dr. V. Neubert – Robert Bosch GmbH
16:00 Closing Remarks
R. Jeutter – AVL Deutschland GmbH
16:15 End of Forum

Hotel Reservation

We have reserved rooms at designated hotels for this event. Under the following link you have access to the room contingents and can book your accommodation directly: Hotel Reservation

Call for Papers

Would you like to actively participate in the 14th International AVL Symposium on Propulsion Diagnostics and contribute to the success of the event with your own presentation? Until 31 October 2019 you have the opportunity to submit your lecture topic on one of the following topics:

Combustion Diagnostics

Visualization / Simulation of Dynamic Processes

Emissions – Generation and Avoidance

Electrified Powertrain

Hydrogen / Fuel Cell

Onboard Monitoring and Diagnostics

Noise, Vibration & Harshness

We are looking forward to receiving your abstract with a maximum of 3000 characters, including title, authors, co-authors and company names as well as contact details. Please send it to the contact below by 31 of October, 2019, at the latest:

AVL Deutschland GmbH
Sabine Müller
Peter-Sander-Straße 32
55252 Mainz-Kastel
Tel.: +49-6134-717916

Student Sponsoring

The sponsors are supporting free participation for students. If you are interested in networking and access to expert knowledge please apply via email to symposium@avl.com.

Many thanks to our sponsors!

Application criteria and selection process:
Subsidized places are applicable for Bachelor and Master students focusing on the topics of vehicle engineering, combustion engines or comparable subjects.

Applications should contain a CV, a motivation letter, an overview about your methodology projects, a confirmation of matriculation as well as certificates of completed examinations. If applications are on a par, further selection will be based on a “first-come, first-served” principle.

All submitted applications will be evaluated by the program committee. By submitting applications, students agree to these rules and eligibility requirements, especially that AVL may forward submitted documents to the organizations mentioned above. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Closing date for submission of application is April 17th, 2020.

Please submit your papers to the following email address: symposium@avl.com.

Expert’s Opinion

We asked experts about the current situation in powertrain development. You can find the interviews in the picture gallery.

June 23 - 24, 2020
Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany