Webinar - Virtual Calibration of Powertrain Systems

Presenter: Andrew Martin, Franz Dorfer
Language: English
10th of May, 2017 10:00 AM EDT   60 mins
This webinar has already taken place.
Interested to combine the strength of both physical and empirical modeling to enhance your calibration process?
date and duration
10th of May, 2017 10:00 AM EDT
60 mins

Engineering enhanced models for virtual calibration of powertrain systems

The MOBEOTM model approach combines both bridging the gap between simulation and testing while providing excellent extrapolation capabilities, transient behavior, reduced parametrization effort and fast simulation.

During our webinar you will learn more about the unique MOBEOTM methodology. Do not miss this opportunity to get an overview of AVL´s simulation approach to support your calibration process from concept to production to speed up time to market while optimizing development costs and system robustness.

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • Benefits of virtual calibration
  • Impact and challenges on calibration process
  • AVL MOBEOTM approach – MOBEOTM cylinder Diesel / Gasoline and EAS
  • System Modeling with CRUISETM M
  • Virtual Test Bed
  • Use cases for concept, calibration and robustness investigations
  • Q&A - ask questions specific to your process