Boosting zero-emission transportation efficiency

Integration of electrified components into trucks and buses

Engineering solutions for optimized and most reliable electric powertrains

AVL offers the definition of the most appropriate electrified powertrain concept including component specification, supplier management and the integration of the systems into the vehicle while optimizing the interaction of sub-systems. Efficient solutions that bring city access and zero-emission transport within reach in short term.

The Challenge

Handling requirements from legislation
  • How can I handle complexity due to different legislations and end customer demands?
  • How can I manage the total cost of ownership for various vehicle applications?
  • How can I handle the increasing number of powertrain-related variants and applications for global use?
  • How can upcoming more stringent emission, noise and CO2 legislation; zero emission for city areas be managed at attractive cost?
  • How to manage the lack of available components?

The AVL Solution

AVL’s system integration is a consistent approach to a highly efficient e-vehicle solution. The setting of the right targets – supported by benchmarking and attribute engineering on vehicle and powertrain level is the basis for the following requirement engineering defining the most appropriate powertrain sub-systems and components. The use of system simulation and model-based development approaches across the entire development process, lead to high consistency, efficiency and traceability. Subsequently, the integration of the components and systems is done on functional, mechanical, electrical and thermal level. Verification and validation on the virtual testbed allow early detection of quality issues and showstoppers.

The Added Value

Integration of electrified powertrains into trucks and buses
  • AVL‘s unique attribute engineering methodology for best balance of vehicle requirements, powertrain specifications and product costs
  • Capability of optimizing the interaction of sub-systems and components for an optimum system performance
  • Comprehensive experience of electrification in different vehicle applications for selecting the best technology with regard to fulfilment of upcoming emission, noise & CO2 legislation
  • Consulting on appropriateness of selected supplier hardware (components and sub-systems) based on profound components know-how
  • AVL’s controls and software library enables independence from supplier hardware One-stop-shop partner from target definition, via verification & validation to vehicle release