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Simulation Solutions for electrified and full electric Powertrains and Components

AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies provide comprehensive simulation solutions for the development and optimization of components within electrical sub-systems and their integration into an entire system.

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One of the primary motivations for developing AVL CRUISE™ M was to offer a comprehensive simulation environment that perfectly meets all the development requirements in the increasing complexity of Vehicle Energy Management Systems (VEMS) and to provide seamless development and optimization capabilities in that field.
AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M deliver the right system plant model fidelity for a wide range of testing applications such as Engine testbed, Battery testbed, E-Motor testbed, etc… The re-use of the multi-physics model ensures on one side consistency, result comparability and the shortening of the test preparation time. On the other side, this enables frontloading of methodology and test procedures which means that more work can be done in the virtual world, significantly reducing costs and...
AVL offers an integrated set of tools consisting of AVL BOOST™, AVL CRUISE™ M and AVL FIRE™, to facilitate the seamless development and optimization of component and vehicle thermal management and control strategies related to thermal management.
AVL CRUISE™ is recognized across the industry as the most mature and advanced system-level vehicle powertrain simulation package. It has been designed to deal with the complexity of not just today's powertrain structures, but also those of the future, with an extremely flexible, user-friendly and easy-to-use concept.
The single AVL CRUISE™ vehicle model can consistently support battery development up to the testing phases with re-use of the same drivetrain model on the battery testbed. This allows for a wider range of battery testing closer to real transient power demand which can be extended to real world route driving or maneuver based testing to lower the possibility of missing the critical operating conditions. The AVL CRUISE™ plant powertrain model enables battery testing close to the real conditions...
Battery development on a system level is supported by AVL CRUISE™ which includes a battery resistance model and other electrical components required to model and analyze any kind of EV/HEV drivetrain configuration including multiple electrical network levels within one vehicle.
The FIRE™ Electrification module offers seamless coupled multi-phase fluid flow, chemistry, electric field and heat conduction simulation supporting the development of batteries, fuel cells, thermo-electric generators and electric motors. MORE about AVL FIRE™ Modules

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AVL Customer Services for Software and Simulation Solutions

AVL Customer Services offers support for software products and collaboration to develop customized simulation solutions. The transfer of engineering and application know-how maximizes the customer’s value from software download and installation to the development of methods and every day use.
The software support at AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies is organized according to our Customer Support Process (CSP). The CSP defines the process steps for answering all regular customer questions and requests related to AVL Simulation Technologies software products.
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